Association of CCB Group of gratitude to people with meritorious services in Phu Tho province

Continuing the activities “Gratitude repayment” on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of War Invalids – Martyrs Day (July 27, 1947 – July 27, 2020), July 24, 2016, the Veterans Association of Oil and Gas Group The country of Vietnam (Group CCB) in collaboration with Vietnam Oil and Gas Trade Union (DKVN Community) held a gratitude to visit and give gifts to wounded and sick soldiers being treated at the Nursing Center for people with meritorious services. Phu-Tho.
On the morning of July 24, the delegation visited and gave gifts to the Nursing Center for people with meritorious services in Phu Tho province. Center director Pham Quang Nhac said: the center was established in 1976, is currently taking care of and nurturing 30 wounded and sick soldiers in 6 provinces and cities in the North region.
In addition to the task of caring for and nurturing wounded and sick soldiers, annually the center also performs well the task of nursing alternately over 3,000 people with meritorious services in the province, and is one of the few nursing centers across the country. All wounded and sick soldiers have family activities and meals here.
The mission has graciously visited the health of wounded and sick wounded at the center. In it, some people have lost a body part, the wound often recurs. They are seriously sick wounded soldiers, all that pain is the remnants of war bombs and war, the price of freedom and peace. Although suffering the pain of the aftermath of the war every day, the wounded and sick soldiers are always optimistic, loving, full of sense of responsibility for the country. They are a shining example of will, resilient energy, the ideal of a noble life both in war and in peacetime.
On behalf of the Center’s wounded and sick soldiers, Chairman of the Center’s Council of Invalids and Diseases, Mr. Vu Dinh Tien touched and shared: This is an invaluable spiritual gift for wounded and sick soldiers. With the attention and encouragement of the Party and State in general and the officials and employees of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group in particular, the material and spiritual life of the wounded and sick soldiers has been improved. We will continue to uphold the tradition of “Brother of Uncle Ho’s army”, striving and dedicating remaining wisdom and strength to the society to deserve the attention of the Party and State with the teachings of Uncle Ho. : “Invalids are disabled but not disabled”.
On behalf of the officials, employees, wounded soldiers, sick soldiers and people with meritorious services in Phu Tho province, comrade Pham Quang Nhac, Director of the Center, expressed his sincere thanks to the attention of the Petroleum Group. The country of Vietnam, DKVN Community, Association of CCB Group. He also hopes to receive more attention from the mass organizations and people nationwide for the convalescence area, for the brothers and sisters of wounded sick soldiers who are nursing here.
On the same day, the delegation of the Group’s CCB Association held a visit and gift giving at the Center for Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the mentally ill in Phu Tho province.
As part of a series of activities to repay the gratitude for the 73rd anniversary of the War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day (July 27, 1967 – July 27, 2020), the Group’s Association, DKVN Community has held a gratitude to those who have made merit to the revolution, wounded and sick soldiers are being treated at the Center for Nurturing and Nursing for people with meritorious services in Thai Binh (Thai Binh province) and the Nursing Center of Thuan Thanh Invalids (Bac Ninh province); CCB Association Group Agency held a meeting and gratitude to the relatives of martyrs’ families who are the officers and employees working at the Group’s Agency; Association of CCB Group held the inauguration of the Martyrs Temple in Thai Thuy district (Thai Binh province); inauguration and handing over the house of “Team Love” to CCB with difficult circumstances in Dong Thap, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Ca Mau; organize meetings, visit, give gifts to war invalids and martyrs’ families who are working at the Central Vietnam Association of Civil Defense. The Group’s delegation of CCB Association will continue to organize donation of leaf blowers, dust blowers to the Management Board of National Martyrs ‘Cemetery, Road 9 and Truong Son National Martyrs’ Cemetery …

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