Building the Vietnam Veterans Association is strong, really the strong support of the Party, State and people

The 6th Patriotic Congress and the 30th Anniversary Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Association (CCB) establishment is an important event for Vietnam’s CCB generations, held on the occasion of the entire Party. The entire people and our entire army are working hard to successfully complete the socio-economic development tasks in 2019, establishing a practical achievement to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam People’s Army, 30 Five National Defense Day.

On behalf of the leaders of the Party, State and Vietnam Fatherland Front, I warmly congratulate the leaders, former leaders of the Vietnam Civil War Association, the heroes of the People’s Armed Forces, the Labor Hero, the generals. military field and all delegates attending the congress, typical people in the patriotic emulation movement of nearly 3 million CCB nationwide. I would also like to extend to the Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, war invalids, sick soldiers, martyrs’ families, families with meritorious services to the revolution and all CCB members, veterans, with kind regards. and best regards.

The Vietnam Association for Civil Police is a socio-political organization, gathering generations of Vietnamese civil servants, in which many comrades directly participated in the resistance wars to protect national independence, unify the country. to train and accumulate a lot of experience in the revolutionary struggle, always be consistent with the revolutionary goals and ideals of the Party and of our nation.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaking at the ceremony

Over the past 30 years, under the leadership of the Party and State, the coordination of agencies and mass organizations at the central and local levels, the support and assistance of the people nationwide, the Vietnam Association of Civil Defense has had steady development steps, constantly innovating content, methods, improving quality and efficiency of operations; perform well the role of representing the will and interests of the CCB; building a glorious tradition: “Loyal-Solidarity-Exemplary-Renewal”, actively contributing to the cause of building and defending the country, worthy of the trust of the Party, State, and the team and the people’s love.

Up to now, the war has ended for more than four decades, a long and arduous journey has passed, but the path towards a beautiful and prosperous future of our country is still difficult and challenging. Continuing to maintain and promote the nature of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the past, generations of members of the Vietnam CCB Association have united, strived to overcome difficulties and challenges, successfully completed all assigned tasks, building association increasingly strong. In any circumstances, the CCB always show strong political bravery, exemplary in all activities; resolutely fight against “peaceful developments” and anti-destructive tactics of hostile forces; fight to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity; actively fight against corruption, negativity and waste; protecting the Party, the regime and the great block of national unity; contribute to maintaining political stability and social order and safety. Despite many difficulties, many people still carry war wounds, but with their “disabled but not disabled” energy, many CCBs have participated in economic development programs and social activities. , do well the work of repaying gratitude, making positive contributions to the development of localities, agencies, units and communities; become successful entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs, CCB, were awarded the titles of “Outstanding Entrepreneur”, “Entrepreneur of the Heart”, “Entrepreneur of Culture” and won the awards “Vietnamese Gold Star”, “Brand Gold Cup” .. Comrades are always good examples in educating patriotism and revolutionary heroism, of the will and determination to strive to rise for today’s young generation to follow.

Associated with the association’s development in all aspects of the past 30 years, patriotic emulation movements, the core of the “exemplary CCB” emulation movement launched by the association, has attracted a large number of people. members participate and achieve outstanding results, creating many advanced examples. The movement has aimed to well perform the association’s most important political task, which is solidarity, and mobilizes CCB to uphold the spirit of self-reliance, self-reliance, encourages each other to develop economic, reduce poverty, rise to work. legitimate wealth, improving the material and spiritual life of CCB members. At the same time, the Association also effectively implemented the emulation movement “Exemplary CCB Entrepreneurs, good production and business”; actively participate in emulation movements, socio-economic development programs of the whole country, especially the movement “The whole country join forces to build a new countryside”, “The whole country joins hands for the poor- Do not let anyone be left behind “, … Especially, with the principle of” When drinking water, remember its source “, every year, members of the Association of CCB Vietnam Entrepreneurs have contributed hundreds of billions of VND to communal activities. Association, charity, such as giving houses of gratitude, houses of love, houses of teammates and houses of donation to poor households in many regions and regions of the country.

Associations at all levels have well carried out propaganda and education activities on patriotic traditions and indomitable heroes of previous generations of their fathers, revolutionary ideals, moral qualities, and lifestyles for the generation. young today; to cheer and encourage the youth movement to establish a career, the youth to build up and defend the country. Through the association’s emulation movements, there have been more and more advanced collectives and individuals, many new models and factors in many fields have been replicated and spread throughout the country. The positive results in the emulation movement over the past years have positively contributed to the work of building and defending the Party and the government, maintaining political stability at the grassroots level; participate in hunger eradication, poverty reduction, building a new countryside; educate the young generation and build strong associations.

With great and positive results achieved in the past 30 years, the Vietnam Association of Civil Defense has been awarded Ho Chi Minh Medal, First Class Independence Medal; many collectives and individual members were awarded the title of Labor Hero, awarded Labor Medal …, expressing the Party’s, State’s and people’s appreciation for Vietnamese civil servants’ generations in the career. to build and defend the Fatherland.
On behalf of the leaders of the Party and State, I warmly commend and congratulate the outstanding achievements of the Vietnam Association of Civil Defense Association in 30 years of construction and growth; congratulate the association’s achievements in the patriotic emulation movement. I also congratulate, praise and welcome the 585 typical advanced delegates attending the emulation congress today, shining examples in the patriotic emulation movement “exemplary CCB”.

In addition to the results achieved, the emulation movements of the CCB Association, although developed extensively but still not evenly among regions, regions and regions; Some movements have not yet fully mobilized their strength, fully exploited the potentials of all levels of associations and members. The preliminary and final review work has not been properly regarded in some places; rewarded objects are officials and members at the grassroots level not many. We need to evaluate, learn from experience and take active measures to overcome these shortcomings and shortcomings.

The 30th anniversary of the founding of the Vietnam Association of Civil Defense Association is an opportunity for cadres, party members, CCBs and people throughout the country to review the glorious victories, heroic history pages, glorious traditions of the army and Vietnamese people; Together with gratitude and honor for the next class, Uncle Ho’s soldiers left the gunmen, returned to their families, participated in socio-economic fronts, hunger eradication, poverty reduction, and homeland enrichment , country; taking care of traditional education for today’s young generation, contributing to the whole nation’s determination to achieve victory, the goal of a rich people, a strong country, a democracy, equality and civilization.

I highly agree on the directions, tasks and solutions in the patriotic emulation movement in the period of 2019-2024 stated in the report of the Central Association to the congress today. In order to continue to well perform the functions and tasks of the Vietnam Association of Civil Defense in general and the emulation contents in the coming time in particular, I would like to emphasize and suggest some more issues for the congress to see. review, discuss, decide.

1. Strongly renovate the contents, methods, and improve the quality and efficiency of the operation of the Vietnam Association of Civil Protection to successfully complete all assigned tasks.

As a group of people who have fought, trained and grown up in the smoke and fire of the resistance war, they have made great contributions to the cause of national liberation, national construction and defense, Vietnam Association of Civil Defense. must always be strong, typical in political, ideological and organizational terms, really a solid support of the Party, State and people. Each officer and member must have strong political bravery, do not waver before difficulties, absolutely believe in the leadership of the Party; exemplary execution and active propaganda and mobilization of people and families to well implement the Party’s lines and undertakings, the State’s policies and laws.

The CCB continued to raise the spirit of revolutionary vigilance, proactively prevent, fight with wrong views, reactionaries and plot “peaceful evolution” of hostile forces; proactively prevent and control the manifestations of “self-development”, “self-transformation” in CCB; coordinated with social unions to mobilize people to implement the movement “All people protect national security”, contributing to solving social conflicts right from the locality and at the grassroots level, not letting the CCB be dragged , inciting participation in lawsuits crowded, gathering and demonstrating illegally.

Associations at all levels need to work closely with the Vietnam Fatherland Front levels, mass organizations to well implement the democratic regulations at the grassroots level, the Party’s regulations and regulations on example, monitoring and criticizing the commune. Association, especially the regulation on controlling power, fighting against running, running power, actively participating in contributing ideas to build the Party and government with integrity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Actively participate in well implementing regimes, policies, protect legitimate rights and interests of members and CCB. Set an example, mobilize and encourage veterans to join veterans’ clubs and liaison boards, and actively participate in social activities and emulation movements at the grassroots level.

2. Continuing to launch and implement widely emulation movements, aiming to well complete the political tasks of the association.

The presiding associations at all levels should strengthen the direction of renewing the contents, modes and organize the emulation movement, ensuring practicality and directing the emulation work to the association’s key tasks; making the emulation movement “exemplary CCB” really a widespread movement, creating a motivation for each officer, each member and family to rise to fulfill all tasks.

Associate the “exemplary CCB” emulation movement of the association with the movements and campaigns of the locality and the whole country, especially the movement “The whole country works together to build a new countryside”, “The whole people unite to build a new countryside. building a cultural life in the residential area ”.

At the same time, it is necessary to regularly pay attention to encouraging officials and members to unite to help each other develop economic, sustainably reduce poverty, improve the material and spiritual life of member families, and fulfill the targets. poverty reduction that the association has proposed. Each member not only plays the role of the breadwinner of the family, but also must be an active factor in the community and society.

Pay attention to check, evaluate, sum up, and promptly reward the collectives and individuals who have achieved many achievements in the emulation movement and perform assigned tasks in order to encourage, motivate, encourage and create the spread of the emulation movement. Commendation must be timely, the right person, the right job, interested in doing better than the commendation of the typical advanced collectives and individuals at the grassroots, especially in mountainous, border, island and remote areas. , remote, ethnic minority areas.

Promoting the association’s tradition and achievements achieved in the past 30 years and the “exemplary CCB” emulation movement in the past 5 years, the Party and State firmly believe that the Vietnam Association of Civil Defense will have a step of development. new, more and more solid, achieving more great results; work together to emulate, establish practical achievements to welcome the Party congress at all levels and proceed to the XIII National Congress of the Party; contribute to building the country of Vietnam more and more “dignified, bigger and more beautiful” as when Uncle Ho’s life dreamed. The Party, State and Vietnam Fatherland Front will continue to pay attention to leading, directing and supporting the Vietnam CCB Association to better perform its important functions and tasks in the new situation.

I wish the 6th Congress of the Vietnam Patriotic Emulation Association a great success; Wish the emulation movement of all levels continued to make many new achievements.

Speech of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc

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