Former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu with the process of building, fighting, and growing up of the 2nd Corps

The information that former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu returned to the gentle realm made the officers and soldiers of the 2nd Corps extremely confused and moved. Each generals, veterans, cadres, and soldiers, from the bottom of the heart, are different in generations, but they all share the same grief, deep gratitude and great affection for love. and the valuable contributions of one of the first generation cadres, laying the foundation for the heroic Huong Giang Corps – one of the most talented, upright, simple, and exemplary leaders. ethics, way of life; spent all his life serving the Fatherland and the people!
In the history of construction, fighting and growth of the 2nd Corps, there is a special honor, which is the place with more than 20 years of attachment to former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu.
On May 1, 1950, comrade Le Kha Phieu joined the army, at 66th Regiment, 304th Regiment – Vinh Quang Doan (one of the predecessor units of 2nd Corps). From 1954 to 1958, he worked as an officer from the company level to the Political Chairman of the regiment. From 1965 to 1968, he was Deputy Head, Head of Personnel, Organization, Deputy Political Commissar, Political Commissar of regiment. In particular, in the battle to defend Hue city in January 1968, when the regimental commander died, comrade Le Kha Phieu was assigned by his superior to be the Political Commissar cum Regiment Commander of the 9th Regiment, Division 304.
Through the positions, right from the grassroots level, he soon asserted that he was an officer with wisdom, strategic thinking and vision; directing and commanding decisive, but very brave and calm. In 1965, after the victory of the 9th Regiment in Central Laos, when seeing some people intoxicated with the victory, he calmly instructed the regiment to frankly find and point out the defect: left to pessimism, but on the contrary turned into profound experience to advance. Even serious review is also a victory, knowing that to transform education and repair into a positive side is a bigger victory ”… Implementing comrade’s direction, in the Party Committee meeting The regiment has seriously taken a more comprehensive look, resisting subjective psychology, actively learning, training, improving strength and fighting bravery.
General Secretary Le Kha Phieu visited the 304th Division on February 27, 2000.
When the 2nd Corps was established (May 17, 1974), in the position of Political Chairman of the corps, he was particularly interested in building a mental political factor and was always close to the army, often being present in key battles, the main direction where fierce toughness, joining the masses, “transmitting fire”, sending trust, building, encouraging the fighting spirit of the army, To raise the spirit of the revolution to attack, multiply the strength for cadres and soldiers to overcome all hardships and sacrifices, raise the spirit of determination to fight, to win, the stronger they hit, the more they beat, The entire army made resounding victories in the campaigns. A special mark, showing efficiency in building up the political and spiritual factor in March 1975, was generalized by the comrade in the article “Entering Saigon”: “It can be said that the political work now like a sail in the wind … That’s why it is difficult to find fatigue, lethargy or a case of regression. Wherever we go, we only meet people who discuss their work, tell stories of victory … Even when we eat, we do not feel hungry … “.
Comrade always cared about and built the spirit of internal solidarity, solidarity of the army and people, thoroughly grasping and spreading the tradition of “taking the people as the root” to all levels, all branches, all officers and soldiers. With the proper direction of the Party Committee and the corps commander, including the role of the Politburo Chairman in the mobilization of the people, in the spy formation of the corps rushed to liberate the region. Men have more drivers. a lot of material is supported by the people; When Division 325 crossed the Dong Nai River into the inner city, many ships were voluntarily brought by the people to contribute …
The tradition of “Speed, Cheeky, Decisive Victory” and the heroic historical milestones of the 2 Heroic Corps are always associated with a particularly important role of party and political activities (CTD, CTCT ) of talented, virtuous politicians with deep thinking and direction, in which Comrade Le Kha Phieu is a typical and exemplary person, the first Political Chairman, one of the leading cadres. directing and directing to lay the foundation for 2nd Corps CTU and JSC activities.
Later, he assumed high positions and responsibilities of the army and the Party, was busy with many jobs, but he still took the time to return to visit, encourage and be considerate to teach the cadres and soldiers of the army. On March 10, 1995, when he visited the 304th Division, he instructed the unit’s cadres and soldiers: “For 45 years a period with many steps that the 304th Division, the traditional name is now Vinh Division. Quang has set up glorious feats in national liberation. I hope that the division will forever be high, maintain and promote the tradition of continuing to take the waves to build a strong division, worthy of a strong unit of our people, every situation is stable and one-hearted. socialism”.
In early 2000, in the position of General Secretary to visit the 2nd Corps, he instructed: “The Corps has further promoted the tradition of” Speed, Cheeky, Decisive Victory “of an elite corps, his main force. heroic in combat on the task of building the revolutionary, regular, elite, step by step modernization. Always uphold vigilance ready to fight, quickly maneuver …, worthy of being the main strategic mobile corps of the heroic Vietnam People’s Army ”.
Comrade Le Kha Adventure took a photo at the relic of the 304th Division, in 2010. Documentary photo.
Being a close, harmonious, deeply loving person, he is always concerned and has special feelings for the cadres and soldiers who have devoted their whole life to the cause of fighting for national independence and protection. national defense. Because of that, he started, burning the idea of ​​building the relic to establish the 2nd Corps in Ba Long commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province … The inauguration of the relic area (April 2016), Although you are old, weak, and the roads are far away, you still come in place, meet many veterans, you fight, check each work item, instruct the corps to do more in the relic area. Some shack roofs, a few cellars, planted many trees to be close to the image of the old war zone, so that the visiting veterans could relive the memories of a battle and also contribute to the traditional education. youth …
Honored and proud of his glorious victories and is the place where former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu and many Party and military leaders have worked and devoted themselves; The cadres and soldiers of the 2nd Corps today vowed to study and follow the example of the generations of his father, striving to successfully complete all the tasks that the Party, the State, the army and the people. entrust.

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