Free counseling, examination and treatment for the deaf and mute, children of war invalids, sick soldiers, and veterans in difficult circumstances

Recently, at the Center for Active Health Care Advice and Support, Dong Xuan Ward (Phuc Yen), the Charity Association 27/7 for Invalids and Diseases in the North has organized counseling, examination and treatment. free illness for nearly 100 deaf and mute subjects, children of war invalids, sick soldiers, and veterans in difficult circumstances in the province and neighboring localities.

At the medical examination and treatment, physician Luong Duc Chinh, Central Vietnam Association for Community Health Education directly examined, advised and supported hearing and voice recovery methods for the mute. deaf. In addition, the subjects were also actively examined and examined by the medical team, doctors of the Center for health care consultation and support to early detect some diseases related to the cardiovascular system and liver function. kidney, blood pressure, diabetes, musculoskeletal disease,… by the US diagnostic KG002M system; At the same time, there are useful advice to help patients orient to timely treatment to ensure their health…

Mr. Kieu Duy Than, chairman of the Charity Association 27/7 wounded and sick soldiers in the northern provinces, said: The consultation session, medical examination and treatment for deaf and mute people, children of wounded soldiers and soldiers Difficult circumstances is one of the Association’s charitable activities to give gratitude to policy families and people with meritorious services to difficult circumstances. In the coming time, the association will coordinate with the Veterans Association of Vinh Phuc province to establish a health care counseling and support club for war invalids, sick soldiers, veterans in difficult circumstances in the province.

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