Lieutenant General Le Kha Phieu – Exemplary example of a general in the field

He was an exemplary example of a general in the field. “Standing at the top of the pole”, in spite of fierce fighting, the enemy organized an ambush, he went to the points of the defense system to grasp the situation and visit and motivate cadres and soldiers.
He felt the soldier’s life and mind with his heart and love for his comrades and comrades. Those are the shares of Colonel Nguyen Dinh, former Deputy Director of the Department of Propaganda and Training, the General Political Department, in his infinite mourning for the departure of Senior General, former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu.
The story with Colonel Nguyen Dinh begins with the days of defending the southwestern border of the country and in response to a nation’s call for help from the catastrophe of destruction, January 1979, when Vietnamese volunteers. The South entered Cambodia in coordination with the revolutionary forces and the Cambodian people, overthrowing the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, followed by 10 years to help you revive the country of Chua Thap. In that volunteer army, comrade Le Kha Phieu was the one who participated in commanding the first battles at an army wing, a front, respectively Politburo Chairman and Deputy Commander in charge of military politics. Vietnamese volunteers in Cambodia. And Mr. Nguyen Dinh is a propaganda officer of the 719 Front – codename of the volunteers in the land of Angkor …
In the memory of Colonel Nguyen Dinh, right after the liberation of Cambodia, Vietnam strongly helped your country in its rebuilding. The volunteer soldiers also stayed to help the people of Chua Thap country to protect, prevent, and prevent the genocide regime from returning to this country. But 23 divisions of Pol Pot have not been completely excluded, the remnants fleeing to the western border to find ways to counterattack. Anlong Veng, a district in Oddar Meancheay province in Cambodia, was an area of ​​fierce anti-destruction activities by Pol Pot soldiers.

General Ngo Xuan Lich, Member of the Politburo, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Minister of National Defense visited former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu, on July 17, 2017.
In order to prevent the enemy from entering and killing, the soldiers volunteered to help your country reinforce the defenses of the Dàngrêk mountain range at Anlong Veng. The enemy tried to ambush the volunteer army. In the dry season of 1986, comrade Le Kha Phieu, at that time, was the Deputy Commander in charge of politics cum Political Chairman, Deputy Secretary of the Military Affairs Committee of the Vietnam Volunteer Command in Cambodia still decided to go to the posts, each Defensive battlefield to capture the reality of the situation and visit, motivate soldiers. He rolled up his pants, wandered through the muddy ankle-length roads, crossed the fields, crossed the mountains and forests to enter the battlefield. When the soldiers went out to welcome the party, held his hand tightly, happily conversing with him, few thought it was a general.
“We have won the battle at the southwest border to protect the homeland, together with the Cambodian people have won the genocide regime. But victory is one thing. Staying in the Temple Tower for another 10 years. Another thing to help you revive is another matter, the problem is how to make the volunteers and volunteer soldiers confident and firm enough to be assured of their duties This is a difficult problem but we have done it with warm and close actions, deeds, affection for soldiers like General Le Kha Phieu’s “, Colonel Nguyen Dinh recalled.
“For our cadres and soldiers, the days with him in the Cambodian battlefield are an unforgettable time. And for those cadres who do the job of training, there is no education like action. specific to him that year with the officers and soldiers in the field. We love, respect and admire him in those actions “, said Colonel Nguyen Dinh.
Recalling the years with comrade Le Kha Phieu on the Cambodian battlefield, watching battles in one wing, one front and in turn in the general’s command different positions, Colonel Nguyen Dinh affirmed In the position of Deputy Commander of Politics and Political Chairman of the 719 Front, Comrade Kha Phieu covered and commanded all volunteer units in the Cambodian battlefield. Command 719 directs, commands, leads both the volunteer force and military specialists. Therefore, the position and role of a leader in the High Command, directly comrade Le Kha Phieu, is very great.
According to Mr. Dinh, in addition to the acumen of the general who grew up from a soldier directly holding a fighting gun, comrade Le Kha Phieu stood out again, remembered by the officers and soldiers for its simplicity and openness. , dear, wholeheartedly for the army. In the memory of the cadres and soldiers of that day, he was an exemplary officer who spoke and worked together, a shining example in terms of image and leadership. Comrade is a general with a lot of experience in the process of growing from a runner-up to the role of a general. Only in the political and ideological education for cadres and soldiers, the effective implementation and implementation of the guidelines of the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission), the Ministry of Defense for Cambodian volunteer units for the army to stand firm and each soldier in Cambodia is assured of 10 years of duty “help you to help yourself”, so that the Cambodian forces are mature, strong, and self-sufficient. defending the country, from which Vietnam gradually withdrew its troops, demonstrated his military skills.
“Comrade Le Kha Phieu is a good example for the officers and soldiers of the whole army to follow”, Colonel Nguyen Dinh said emotionally.

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