Vietnam Veterans Association: Maintaining and promoting the nature and tradition of Uncle Ho’s soldiers

Stemming from the situation, the revolutionary mission in the new period and meeting the earnest and legitimate aspirations of a large number of Vietnamese veterans (CCB), December 6, 1989, Politburo, Executive Committee The Central Committee of the Party (term VI) decided to set up the Vietnam Association for Civil Defense.
Since then, the date of 6-12 each year has been considered as the traditional day of the Association. The establishment of the Vietnam CCB Association is an important historical milestone in the political and spiritual life, in accordance with the legitimate aspirations of the CCB forces to continue dedicating themselves to building the homeland, promoting the nature, Uncle Ho’s tradition serves the cause of protecting and building the country in peacetime, helping each other in life, sticking to fighting friendship.
Constantly evolving
Vietnam Association of CCB is a revolutionary mass organization led by the Communist Party of Vietnam, engaging in socio-political activities within the framework of the Party’s lines and policies, the Constitution, the laws of the State and the Charter. of the Association; is a member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. Right from the beginning, Vietnam Association of CCB quickly asserted its role and position, step by step built a strong organization system; ensuring political, ideological, staff and members. The organization system of the Association has been completely built up from the central to grassroots levels; Up to now, 100% of communes and wards have organized associations and go down to villages, hamlets and residential groups all have branches, associations or have a key structure in the mobilization of the masses.
The Executive Committee of Vietnam Association of CCB, term VI was launched
Over the past 30 years of construction and growth, the Vietnam Veterans Association has conducted 6 times the National Congress. The first National Congress (term 1992-1997), held from 19 to 20 November 1992 at Ba Dinh Hall, Ha Hoi. Attending the meeting were 318 delegates representing 700,000 members nationwide. Attending the 6th National Congress (term 2017-2022), meeting from December 13 to December 15, 2017, at the Hall of the Ministry of Defense, Hanoi. There were 516 delegates attending the meeting, representing nearly 3 million members nationwide.
Over 30 years of construction and growth, generations of Vietnamese civil servants continue to maintain and promote the nature and tradition of “Uncle Ho’s soldiers”, have united, strived to overcome difficulties and challenges, to successfully complete all tasks, build a clean and strong Association, affirm its position as a socio-political organization, worthy of the trust of the Party and State and the love of the people; building up the glorious tradition of the Association: Loyalty-Solidarity-Exemplary-Renewal.
Outstanding results over 30 years
Over the past 30 years of construction and development, the Vietnam Association of Civil Engineering has achieved many positive results. Among the highlights are: Mobilizing civil services to maintain and promote the nature and tradition of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, actively participate in building and defending the Party and State, the socialist regime, protecting the People and the Great Union. the whole nation. Organizing and encouraging the CCB to raise the spirit of self-reliance, self-reliance, helping each other to do business, improve their lives, strive for sustainable poverty reduction, legal enrichment; actively and effectively participate in socio-economic development programs of the locality and the country. Closely coordinating with the Government, departments and mass organizations; to actively and effectively participate in national and local campaigns and movements. The mobilization of the soldiers who completed their military service continued promoting the tradition of Uncle Ho’s army, participating in the club organization, the Veterans’ Communication Committee, and actively participating in grassroots movements. Participate in good implementation of regimes and policies; protect the legitimate rights and interests of members and CCB. Improve effectiveness of propaganda, dissemination, legal education, legal advice and assistance for members and CCB. Actively participate in educating patriotism, love of socialism and revolutionary heroism for young generations. To step up people’s foreign affairs activities, contributing to the successful implementation of the Party and State’s foreign policies, guidelines and policies.
During the process of construction and development, the Association always renews its content, methods, quality and efficiency. The Association at all levels have considered the renewal of the contents and modes of operation of the Association as an important task in the construction of the Association, interested in the Association’s construction in all three aspects: Politics and ideology; organization and staff; inspection and supervision. The contents and modes of operation are renewed, clearly showing the role and nature of a socio-political organization; There is a specific assignment of responsibility, creating consensus and high consistency in action; The Association associates the construction and implementation of the tasks and movements of localities, departments, ministries, branches, agencies and units. Strongly oriented towards the base; attaching importance to the practical summarization, drawing lessons learned, strengthening the work of urging, examining and monitoring; actively renew the contents and forms to improve the quality of living and the efficiency of the Association’s grassroots organizations. Regularly interested in renewing the style, working style, talking in parallel with the actions of the leaders, the Association’s agencies from central to grassroots level, to meet the practical requirements of the Association.
Through 30 years of construction and growth, with many positive and important contributions, the Vietnam Association of Civil Engineering is honored by the State with the Ho Chi Minh Medal (2012), two First Class Independence Medals (in 2002 , 2009), First Class Labor Medal (2017), Third Class Labor Medal (2005) for its great merits and outstanding achievements in the country’s renovation; especially, the Association was awarded the First-class Medal by Lao PDR; Hundreds of organizations and individuals of the Association were awarded the Labor Medals of all grades, of which 21 individuals were honored with the title of Labor Hero in the doi moi era and hundreds of collectives and individuals were awarded. Prime Minister; departments, ministries, branches and governments at all levels reward and award many other noble titles.

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